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Hagen-Renaker Handbook

The Charlton Standard Catalogue of
3rd Edition by Gayle Roller

Hagen-Renaker Handbook
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     Since its first publication in 1999, the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Hagen-Renaker has become a most welcomed addition to every Hagen-Renaker Collector's library. The Handbook documents the growth of the company from the early 1940's to the present day. The new 3rd Edition, contains approximately 640 pages. As in the 2nd Edition, black and white pictures cover over 95% of the line, along with price guidelines. Additionaly, in this 3rd Edition, there are four(4) colored photo sections covering Designers Workshop, Stoneware and Specialties, Walt Disney, Miniatures and Pedigree Dogs.
     A fifteen (15) page introduction provides insight on the people involved, techniques used, identification, restoration procedures and other topics to assist collectors in understanding and appreciating their Hagen-Renaker collection. A few photos of the New Releases for the Fall 2003 season are also shown.

     The balance of the book is organized around the products that were created by the Company and its artists. Individual sections are dedicated to the major lines such as Designer's Workshop, Miniatures, Pedigree Dogs, Specialties and Walt Disney Productions. Within each of the sections the products will be organized into similar categories, i.e., dogs, cats, etc.

     The pages within the individual sections contain from one(1) to four(4) pictures per page, with information on the subject or subjects in the picture.

     The page to the left is from; Miniatures section, Miniature Horses, Morgan Horses. Four(4) of the Morgan Horses that have been produced as Miniatures by Hagen-Renaker are shown on this page.

     Here's one of the subjects fron the page highlighted so that you can see the amount of information available on each item.

     Note that each of the subjects contain information to their name, the H-R model or mold number, the artist, the height, color, when issued and retired(if retired) and an estimated valuation in three(3) currencies depending upon where produced and sometimes other features such as color or glaze .

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