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limited edition horse collection

The Hagen-Renaker Limited Edition series of horses
currently consists of three(3) separate horses;

"Quartet", a Quarter Horse available in two(2) styles and four(4)different colors.
"King Cortez", an Arabian
"Cinco", a Belgian Draft Horse available in two(2) colors.


     In September, 1998, Hagen-Renaker announced the release of "Quartet" a Quarter Horse, shown on the left in the bay version. Hagen-Renaker Quartet Instead of limiting the model to a specified length of time as they had done with earlier limited edition piece, Hagen-renaker announced that this horse would be limited to 1000 total pieces. Each piece would be numbered and identified on the bottom of the flat base to which they were mounted.

     The horse was made available in white, grey, bay and chestnut. Later, after several hundred of "Quartet" were sold, "variations" to the original colors of chestnut and grey were added with a blaze and stocking treatment of the horse. Also, these new variations were mounted on a base with a "cobblestone" surface rather than just a flat plate.

     "Quartet"is available in all colors and variations. The original four(4) styles with flat bases are $100.00 each and the newer "variations" are $120.00 each. The issue is limited to 1000 total pieces regardless of color or "variation"

Special Limited Edition King Cortez

     In March 2001, to "kick off" the launch of the official Hagen-Renaker Web Site, H-R reissued "King Cortez" in a limited edition of 1000 numbered pieces.

     Maureen Love's magnificent rearing Mustang "King Cortez" was introduced in the Spring of 1957 and remained in production until the Fall of 1967. The finish was matte and the color choices were black and palomino until the Spring of 1959 and then white and palomino were offered.

     The photo of the palomino version shown at the left was taken from Nancy Kelly's wonderful book "Hagen-Renaker Pottery: Horses and Other Figurines". In case you haven't had a chance to check this book out, this is just one of over 600 wonderful color photos of the Hagen-Renaker collection.

     "King Cortez" was reissued in 1982 when Hagen-Renaker expanded the Designer's Workshop line at their new pottery in San Marcos. In addition to the original black and white, it was also done at San Marcos in chesnut and grey, and in both matte and glossy finishes. "King Cortez" was retired again in 1984 when the San Marcos facility was closed.


.      The new version, shown on the right, is mounted on a sculptured, triangular base. The finish is gloss and the color is white with black mane and tail. The eyes of the latest "King Cortez" are highly accentuated with eyebrow, eyeliner, sclera and pupil enhancement, giving the sculpture a very different facial expression.

     Each "King Cortez" is numbered and comes with its own velvet box, moulded to store the piece.

     "King Cortez" is available at $120.00


Hagen-Renaker Cinco beige Hagen-Renaker Cinco chestnut      In July, 2002, Hagen-Renaker announced the latest in its series of Limited Edition pieces; "Cinco", a Belgian Draft Horse. Like the other Limited Edition pieces, this issue will be limited to 1000 total pieces.

     Each piece is on a base with a"cobblestone" effect, similar to "King Cortez" and the "variations of "Quartet". Each piece will be numbered and identified on the bottom.

     "Cinco" is available in two(2) colors; light beige(on the right) and chestnut(on the left). He is dressed for show with colored ribbons in his mane and tail.

     "Cinco"is available in both colors for $130.00 each.