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NEW for FALL 2000


In some places you can't keep these as pets.
Too bad! They sure look cute enough!!
By the way, in case you haven't guessed they'reFerrets
Ferret Standing Ferret Lying Ferrets
I'm "Ferret standing"
I'm "Ferret lying"
And here we are together
However, we know that these are the pets to millions
regardless of where you live
Sleepy Cat Fluffy Cat New Cats
I'm "Sleepy Cat" I'm "Fluffy Cat" And "together"(maybe)
Back again to celebrate the new arrivals
at a couple of our nation's Zoos
Panda Standing Panda Walking Pandas
"Panda Cub standing"
"Panda Cub walking"
Together (definitely)
Eskimo w/polar bear Also returning
From the Artic
  Can't we
be friends??
Eskimo w/polar 					bear

 "Eskimo w/Polar Bear Cub (set)"
And our final "new arrivals"in the MINIATURES
for the Class of 2000
are actually earlier "arrivals"
with new "Briefs"
Baby Sleeping Babies Sleeping Baby Sleeping

"Baby Sleeping (blue)"
At least for a little while

"Baby Sleeping (pink)"

Jumping Horse Look out World
Here I Come!!!
Over the top
with ease!
"Jumping Horse w/Rider"
Grooming Horses For all of the
Horse collectors
Grooming Horses
"Grooming Horses Best Friends"

A new happy kitten
to keep all of us,
horses included,
Mom and Kittens
Kitten on back Kitten on back
"Kitten on back" And here we are with
"Mom Cat sitting"
and "Kitten walking"
from the Spring 2000
"litter"(new releases)
Speaking of "families" and "new arrivals"
(we were, weren't we?)
Here's a new pair

Ma & Baby 				Fox Mama Fox and Baby Fox
Strolling hand-in-hand
and side by side
Mama Fox Baby Fox
"Mama Fox w/picnic basket" "Baby Fox w/thermos"
And joining them from the new editions of Spring 2000
Papa Fishing Fox
The Fox Family
Hey Mom
Is that group up above FRIENDLY?
Hen & 				Chick
"Hen & Chick"
Back by special request
For the collectors of the H-R Nativity Set
Shepherd 				w/Sheep "Shepherd w/Sheep & Lamb (set)"

That's what's new for the Fall 2000
Check back from time to time on changes in colors, etc.
Also check out our Monthly SPECIALS!