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NEW for SPRING 2004

We've got a couple new and a couple of returing items.
First on with the NEW!

Here's a new cat for the litter box.
This one's called BOXING CAT.
Hagen Renaker Boxing Cat Hagen Renaker Boxing Cat

And here's a new family from the barnyard
This one's called HEN w/CHICKS
Hagen Renaker Hen w/chicks Hagen Renaker Hen w/chicks

Now we have a couple of returning items.
Let's start with one of our favorite horses
Hagen Renaker Seabiscut Hagen Renaker Seabiscut

And then, why not, the lovable
Hagen Renaker Clown Fish Hagen Renaker Clown Fish

That's it for the latest in H-R MINIATURES

It takes a lot of practice to get better performer than this.

Hagen Renaker Dresage Horse w/rider Hagen Renaker Dresage Horse w/rider Hagen Renaker Dresage Horse w/rider Hagen Renaker Dresage Horsde w/rider


New Pieces
BOXING CAT #4004 DRESAGE HORSE w/rider #4002
HEN w/CHICKS #4003  

That's it for this SPRING!
Check back from time to time on changes in colors, etc.
Also check out our Monthly SPECIALS!

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