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Hagen-Renaker   SPECIALTIES   Spring 2002

Let's enter this wonderful part of Hagen-Renaker creativity with the "Fun and Fantasy" looking over our
Here we find moving clockwise from the upper left;
"Mama Country Mouse","Baby Country Mouse"
"Country Mouse", "City Mouse",
and finally
"Papa Fishing Fox","Mama Fox", & "Baby Fox"
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Hagen-Renaker Unicorn, Mice and Foxes
  Hagen-Renaker Fantasy

A Serenade from the Islands
from our
"Polar Bear w/Piano"
Listening on this side;

"Eskimo w/Polar Bear


"Mermaid w/Lobster"
Hagen-Renaker Mermaids And on this side;

"Mermaid on Piling"


"Mermaid w/Crab"
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Hagen-Renaker Mermaids and Polar Bears

A Couple of Pairs
From the forests and fields:
"Flying Eagle",
and "Butterfly on Flower",
Hagen-Renaker Birds And by the pond
"Mama Cat and Kitten"
"Hen and Chick"
Hagen-Renaker cats & hens    
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Hagen-Renaker Eagle, Butterfly, Cats, & Chickens

Equestrian Stage
Hagen-Renaker Horses
At the Ranch
As we move clockwise around the meadows from the top we have;
"Barrel Racer w/barrel",
"The Arabian Family; Stallion, Mare, & Colt", "Grooming Horses, Best Friends",
"Draft Horse" "Thoroughbred trotting",
and "Thoroughbred Colt"

Western Horses

 From the West
Our cowboy,"Bucking Bronco w/Rider" looking out over;
"Pony...Wrangler", "Rearing Horse...Skywalker"
and "Mustang w/Colt"
At the Park
Our "Girl w/Pony"flanked by
"Horse w/Jockey"and "Jumping Horse w/Rider"

Our Amphibious Musicians
Toaddaly Brass Froggie Mountain
Toaddaly Brass
On The Pond
Froggie Mountain Breakdown
On The Cliffs

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